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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Install Scanner UMAX Astra 3600 Windows 7

Many in forums asking help about driver installation for scanner UMAX ASTRA 3600, an old serie of scanner manufactured by UMAX that does not compatible with Windows 7. FYI: it works only on Windows 7 version 32 bit.

Scanner UMAX Astra 3600
Usually, we must install the driver at first place before using the unit or connect it to the computer, and then, VOILA!!! Windows 7 doesn't compatible with the driver we've tried to install. What a sh*t for more!!! So, I went for an experiment by myself, what if I connect it at first place, then see what would appear... work out! But, the fact, it's already inside (unit driver) the computer tho' it can't be used. So, what we have to do is...

1) Connect the device (scanner), you'll find a Windows notification that device driver is not successfully installed, but actually is detected.
2) Click the Start, open Devices and Printers.
3) Point on the troublesome icon of hardware drive, right-click... (click on images to view larger)

4) Update the driver
5) Search manually the driver inside your computer hard drive or else -choose it!
6) Click (check sign) the Include Subfolders
7) When asked about permission, choose Install this driver software anyway!
8) Let the Windows 7 do the rest of it!
9) Voila!!! The sh*t got rid!!! 

If you, don't have the official driver of this scanner, then you download its driver on the manufacturer's website, and you can choose the standard/default driver -which is intended for Windows XP or earlier, that's ok, since mine is also built for Windows XP as well, but I've found out the way to be compatible with Windows 7 x86 (32 bit).

Afterwards, you can choose trying to operate the function of this scanner with any graphic software; my example is using Adobe Photoshop, by the dropdown menu File, you must choose WIA menu, not the direct scanner driver (TWAIN)...since it still -somehow doesn't compatible with UMAX VISTASCAN 3600, then... sure you can do the rest of configuration for the scan result within Photoshop. 

Some or many software that don't -still, compatible with the scanner driver, you must use the built-in program/application inside its own machine (within the list of Devices and Printers).

Double-click the icon Scanner, then it will appear the windows menu application... also, sure you can do the rest! By default -when using this built-in application, the scanned result (file) is located on Libraries --> Documents --should you need to search for it and move/copy/relocate it to another hard drive location/directory.

Good luck with your stuff!!! Comments or any other experiences are welcome!!!

*PS: if this method couldn't make it, then you need to reinstall the OS (Win7/8), since your OS is having trouble inside (malware, virus, etc.).

**So far, works on Windows 7 x86 (32 bit).

***If you haven't got the installation driver files, freely download >here<

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